British Council Delegation Visits AUN

British Council Delegation Visits AUN


A delegation from the British Council of Nigeria visited AUN on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. The council is currently in partnership with AUN's Development Institute, the Atiku Institute for development (AID).

The delegation toured AUN's expansive grounds beginning at the Robert Pastor Library and e-learning Center. The team was impressed by the Department of Digital Services which supports and advances the research and instructional needs of the AUN community. They also visited the biology lab where state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are used to conduct experiments and projects. Their last stop was the School of Business & Entrepreneurship demonstration farms where students learn practical agri-business skills.

"The school's infrastructures are top-notch and aesthetically pleasing. The creativity and innovation of the university cannot be compared. The environment is so quiet and serene. Students will have a swell time studying in such environments", the Council’s Program Manager British, s. Hafsat Mustafa said.

Monitoring, evaluation, and learning specialist consultant for the British Council, Mr. Oladotun Babayemi, was impressed by the magnitude of AUN's structural investments. "The campus is a secured place. The various ethnic groups that I have seen in the AUN campus attest to this"

"I am also impressed with the quality of the equipment and expertise of the laboratories. At a university level, it is encouraging to see the demonstration farm that aids students and helps them to harness their entrepreneurship skills" he said.

The British Council is a United Kingdom charity governed by a royal charter. The public body promotes arts, culture, English language education and supports civil society.


Reported by Bitwul Dashe