Blood Pressure

Recent studies by the World Health Organization show that Africa has the highest number of blood pressure-related ailments affecting about 46 percent of adults.

Of the 34 countries surveyed, Nigeria shows a very high number of blood pressure cases. 

Some pressure is essential for the normal functioning of the body.  Without pressure blood cannot move from the heart to the legs and back to the organs.  However, it is dangerous when the pressure goes beyond the normal levels.

Too much blood pressure (hypertension) makes the heart work too hard. It thickens the blood vessels and weakens the heart muscles. It also damages organs like kidneys and eyes; uncontrolled hypertension also causes cardiac diseases and stroke.

Many people with hypertension don't know it.  It doesn't show many symptoms and has earned the nickname “silent killer”.  High blood pressure with high cholesterol and high blood sugar accelerate the chances of cardiac diseases dramatically.

Hypertension is preventable and manageable.  A daily exercise routine with a healthy diet helps to prevent and manage hypertension.  Limit the intake of salt and alcohol; reducing stress and quitting smoking also help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Moreover, keep checking your blood pressure every three months to make sure you are maintaining a healthy blood pressure.