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Mission & Values


The primary mission of the AUN health center is to enhance the learning environment of the American University of Nigeria by maintaining and improving the health, personal growth and wellbeing of the students who study here.

We do this by providing high-quality, prevention-oriented primary health care, mental health services, and educational outreach programs tailored to meet the needs of AUN students.

By supporting the physical health essential to intellectual and personal development, we support each student's full participation in University life.



The health center is committed to offering respectful and confidential care to all AUN students.

We value differences in race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ability, and veteran status. Our staff is responsive to the needs and concerns of all seeking care, and we are committed to offering services in an environment which is safe and supportive to all.



Respect & Compassion

We listen closely to our clients, and respond to their holistic needs—to the ‘whole person’—with understanding, patience, and kindness.

We build on our staff’s diversity—recognizing, valuing, and appreciating the different perspectives, talents, and contributions of all. 


Class Absence Due to Illness

We understand that illness and injury may impact a student's ability to attend class or to complete assignments. Students in this situation are responsible for notifying their instructors, preferably before missing a class/assignment. Conversations between students and instructors should identify how a student can work around an illness or injury to best continue academic efforts and activities. Instructors have final authority to excuse absences.

The AUN Health Center will not provide written medical excuses for class absences due to acute illness. In the event of illness or injury requiring hospitalization or extended absence from classes, with permission from the student, we can notify the student’s Dean’s Office who will then contact the student’s faculty. We will not give any information (including verifying that a student has been seen or date of visit) without the permission of the student.

We encourage open and honest dialogue between students and instructors throughout the semester and in particular when students are unable to attend class. This approach encourages students, as emerging adults, to advocate for themselves and to take responsibility for their health and actions. This also encourages instructors to see students as emerging adults and to communicate directly with them if concerns arise.


Confidentiality of Care

The AUN health center holds your care in STRICT CONFIDENCE.

As professionals, our staffs are expected to consult with one another, as necessary, to insure that your care is of high quality.

However, by law—and by the ethical standards embraced by our staff in the counseling and medical professions—we are not permitted to release any information about your care to anyone outside of the health center without your explicit permission.

Specifically, we will not release information about the facts or nature of your care to University officials, faculty, family, friends or roommates without this permission; a copy of medical or counseling records is available only after we receive a written request signed by you.

There are rare circumstances when we break this seal of confidentiality: when you have a very serious mental or physical health problem and are unable to assume responsibility for notifying others, when your life or that of another is in danger.



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